• Dec 8: Call for Submissions
  • Jan 11: Early-Bird Deadline
  • Jan 15: Final Submissions Deadline
  • Mar 1: Outstanding Achievement
  • May 2: Announcement of Finalists
  • Jun 10: 39th National Magazine Awards


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"How does judging work?"


This is a good question. And like all good questions the answer is only slightly complicated. Because the judging process for the National Magazine Awards is a nation-wide bilingual affair. It attempts to have the right kind of representation. And it aims, above all, to be fair. It's very Canadian in other words.


This means:


We need English, French and bilingual judges.


We need judges who are editors, writers, art directors, photographers, illustrators, circulators, digital creators and subject specialists.


We do our best to avoid conflicts of interest, so our search for judges stretches across the continent and often beyond.


See our Call for Judges for details.


And we do all this with the help of volunteers and the support of a small number of paid contract facilitators. We also continually strive to ensure the judging process remains transparent, and to do that we need your ongoing support, help and advice. Please take the time to read the complete list of rules and the description of the judging process.


If you have any ideas on how to make the awards program even better, or you would like to volunteer your time as a judge or committee member, please email us at staff@magazine-awards.com.


Joyce Byrne
National Magazine Awards Foundation